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North Florida Fair Flower Show

I want to thank all of you who have come by my table this weekend at the Flower show at the Fair to ask questions, say hello, and to purchase your new camellias.  The weather has been absolutely Tallahassee beautiful, with clear skies, and moderate daytime temperatures.  It’s been a fun and successful event this weekend, and one that I have really enjoyed, especially meeting all of you fellow camellia lover enthusiasts living here, and those visiting from out of town.

This year there has been a new record setting crowd in attendance, with in just 5 days of the Fair’s opening, over one hundred and three thousand people have come through the gates so far!  Wow!  The Fair ends on Sunday, November 17th, so be sure you come by and check out the Flower show (located In the Flora building) before it closes.

One of the many questions I was asked this weekend was: “When is it an okay time in the session to plant my camellias?“.  The answer is: camellias can be planted all year round.  Though it is recommend to not to plant them when it is  very hot outside, like in the low to mid-nineties, but other than this, camellias are fine to plant in the ground year round.  Just, as always, make sure that you keep them watered every 3 or four days, especially if it is dry weather, and hot.  In general, camellias should be watered at least every 5 or 6 days for several years, until their roots are established in the ground.

The other frequent question asked was, “When do camellias bloom?”  AnswerAll year round, except during the Summer months.

I’ll be back at the Fair next weekend, so please stop by and say hello, and keep those good questions coming. :-)

Flower Show at the N.FL Fair-- 11-09-13-moto_0379    Flower show at North FL Fair- 11-09-13- moto_0377