Monthly Archives: February 2017

~ New Camellia ~ Tudor Baby

This is a new item.  The ‘Tudor Baby’ is a japonica Formal camellia, and will be a solid Dark Red color bloom.  These shown below still have a few more blooms on them, and the buds will be blooming soon, however, most have finished blooming until next year.

Tudor baby camellia row1 _2-24-17 CHIMG_20170224_123443979 Tudor Baby row 2 2-24-17 CHIMG_20170224_123454068 Tudor Baby 3 row. 2-24-17 CHMG_20170224_123512611 Tudor Baby 4 bloom bud 2-24-17 CHIMG_20170224_123556747 Tudor Baby 5 camellia bush 2-24-17 CHIMG_20170224_123530631 Tudor Baby 6 bloom bud 2-24-17 CHIMG_20170224_123543471

Tudor Baby camellia 3-08-17 CHIMG_20170308_121437044 Tudor Baby2 camellia 3-08-17 CHIMG_20170308_121403901 Tudor Baby4 3-08-17 CHIMG_20170308_124543785